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Image of DISTRO LPs!

Down to approx 1-2 copies left of each of the following. Most are on sale now for $7.99 with a couple of exceptions (Marvelous Mark LP):

- Sabertooth "Making Light of a Shitty Situation" LP
- What-A-Nights "s/t" LP (Snuffy Smile)
- Dysnea Boys "Forgot How to Read" LP (Take it Back)
- Caffiends "s/t" LP (Brassneck)
- The Stops "Nameless Faces" LP (Dirt Cult)
- The Raging Nathans "Losing It" LP (Dead Broke)
- Boilerman "Feel Ways About Stuff" LP (86'd)
- Go White Bronco "Population Ghost Town" LP (86'd)
- Slates "Prairie Fires" LP
- The Gotobeds "Poor People Are Revolting" LP (Erste Theke Tonträger)
- Marvelous Mark "Crushin" LP ($9.99)

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