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News & Updates


Coming This Fall(ish):

Seagulls 7"
Woolworm "Believe in Ourselves" LP
Paradise 7"



All Supercrush "I Can't Lie" 7" pre-orders are out the door, thanks to everyone who ordered a copy! Down to about 5 left on pink so act fast if you want one! Pre Nup cassettes just arrived and are shipping out later this week...



Hot on the heels of Supersingle #3 come Supersingle #4 from Supercrush! "I Can't Lie" pre-order is up now, first pressing of 100 copies on pink and 250 on black. Ships on or around April 27th. Get on it!



Pre Nup cassette pre-orders are now live, ships on or before May 4th.



All Supercrush 7" and Paradise tape pre-orders have now shipped. Thanks for your patience!



Excited to announce the release of the third Supercrush 7", coming January 12, 2018. A co-release with Painterman Records from Seattle, same as last go around (check that label out btw, everything they put out is top notch, A+, etc). Pre-orders are live now. We're doing 250 on black, 100 on orange vinyl. Orange version is mailorder only and going fast!



The Cuddlefish/Burning Spring split 7" is out now! All pre-orders have shipped and distros should hopefully be getting copies in the near future. 

Hoping to be able to announce a couple of exciting new projects in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!



Pre-orders are now live for the Cuddlefish/Burning Spring spit 7"! Records are being pressed now and we expect them around early August. Cuddlefish is Lenny from Unfun/Cancers new rager and Burning Spring are a really great gruff-pop-punk band from Niagara Falls, ON. Really happy with how this one turned out and hope y'all agree. 

Our bandcamp page is now updated with this record if you want to check it out yourself. Click here to stream it.



Empty Heads "normality" cassettes are in stock and shipping now. Thanks to anyone who pre-ordered. This will likely be sold out by the time the Empty Heads tour ends in June so if you want one of these, act now! 

Although it appeared as though 2017 might be a slow one for the label, things are suddenly picking up in terms of possible releases. Next on the docket is a split 7" from Cuddlefish (Lenny from Unfun/Cancers new band) and Burning Spring from Niagara Falls in Canada. That one should be released in early summer...

Got some other stuff planned that we're just waiting to 100% confirm before it's announced to the small handful of folks reading this. Thanks! 



Big sale! everything in the store has been discounted up to 50% for a limited time! Need to make room for stuff, get on it! 



Pre Nup 7"s are here and shipping now! Thanks to anyone who pre-ordered, you should be receiving yours shortly. 

Empty Heads new 7" is set to arrive in a matter of weeks. Pre-order now! 

Just added a distro LP section with a bunch of great records on the cheap. 

Thanks for looking.


Pre Nup 7" pre-order is active now in the store! We're only getting about 125 copies of this one so we don't expect them to last long. Ships around July 1st give or take.

Up next is the 2nd 7" from Empty Heads, entitled "Ugly". To be released early August. 


Unfun LPs are here and shipping! Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered, your records are all out in the post now and should be arriving shortly. 

Added copies of the amazing Marvelous Mark LP to the webstore along with two found copies of our first ever release, the Slates 7". Order now! 


Unfun's "Waterboarding" LPs are en route to us now, so we are expecting to ship out all pre-orders by end of the month. Pre-order now. 

We're down to less than 50 copies of the Cancers "Missed b/w Helpless" 7"s, and still have about 10 copies left of the limited test press edition. 

Up Next: Debut 7" from Pre Nup (ex Grown-Ups), co-released with Kingfisher Bluez from Vancouver. Look for it towards the end of Spring!