**Pre-order. Ships mid-February 2022.

Debt Offensive is proud to be the exclusive Canadian distributor for the new Field Day 7" EP, released on Unity Worldwide Records / Sense of Place Records.

WHY? (3:43)
Alive (3:06)
Audience of One (2:30)
Hidden Bonus Track

Produced by Doug Carrion
Mixed By Cameron Webb (Pennywise, Ignite, Motorhead )

Peter Cortner - Vocals
Doug Carrion - Bass / Vocals
Shay Merhdad - Guitar
Kevin Avery - Drums

In 2020, Field Day’s Opposite Land EP raised the bar high for Doug Carrion and Peter Cortner’s modern take on a classic hardcore charge. Together, they pulled off the unlikely feat of reinventing the disaffected ethos of their brief but defining tenure with D.C. hardcore outfit Dag Nasty for 1987’s Wig Out At Denko’s and 1988’s Field Day LP.

With their latest offering, the four-song “Why?” 7-inch, the group wields an even sharper edge.

Field Day’s emergence was a postmodern reference to a reference — a triumph that dug deep into the past to find wholly new levels of fertile creative soil in which to grow. The short, sharp blasts they delivered with Opposite Land’s cuts “One Song,” “Stolen Words,” “Speak The Truth,” and “Waiting For A Miracle” laid the blueprint for a new, no-nonsense aesthetic, and proved there was more music and chemistry left to explore within vocalist Cortner and singer and bass player Carrion’s dynamic.

Field Day has already proven their skills by releasing a handful of powerful and direct offerings. The four songs on the “Why?” 7-inch carry the pace to a higher level. Each number is bristling with rejuvenated and undeniably electric energy. It's one thing to create something new from a decades-old chapter in Dag Nasty’s discography. It's an entirely different thing to find new relevance, and outshine the past by creating vital new music. With “Why?,” Field Day revives classic punk and hardcore’s base emotions, while asking the hard questions, while keeping their gaze fixed on what lies ahead. ~ Chad Radford