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(Debt #16) Short answer: "Ugly" is the second EP from Empty Heads.

Elaboration: In an alternate universe where this label didn't operate on loose change and ever-mounting debt, we'd hire one of those fancy PR firms that are all the rage, buy the back page of any magazine left standing, and tell the whole fucking world just how amazing this band is. 5 pressings and 12 color variations later, they'd be signed by a label much more together than this one, with lawyers that would get their work visas approved and their border troubles resolved, and this little label would fade off into the sunset, content in knowing that we did something worthwhile.

But sadly, as it stands right now, none of that shit is happening. So for the handful of you that read this: (a) thank you, and (b) rest assured in knowing that you can lay claim to being on the ground (and perhaps only) floor of one of the finest bands we've had the privilege of hearing. You can write this off as exaggeration, or a bad attempt at salesmanship, and that's fine. But it is no word of a lie that few bands inspire us like Empty Heads do. That feeling of listening to Eric's Trip "Peter" for the first time, or the Lou songs on Bug for the 40th time and finally getting their genius, or foolishly thinking there was nothing left to hear at the ripe old age of 24 only to get woken up to Alien Lanes - that's what this band invokes in us today. And while it's a bit depressing to know that so many people NEED to hear this band and probably just won't, that's everyone else's problem, and not (y)ours. Enjoy!

Stream/Digital Downloads here: https://debtoffensiverecords.bandcamp.com/album/ugly

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