NIGHT COURT "Nervous Birds! One” Cassette

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NIGHT COURT "Nervous Birds! One” Cassette

(DEBT #30) 100 translucent yellow cassette tapes. Co-released with Snappy Little Numbers.

"Nervous Birds! One” is the debut album by Vancouver’s Night Court. Striking a wild balance between embracing the spirit of inspiration and abandoning the strictures of inhibition, Night Court is set loose to draw new/glue repurposed maps over the post/pop/punk/lo-fi rock landscape. Wanting to travel light, the band decided to write only good songs with no unnecessary weight, leaving concentrated grooves of distorted/indelible catchiness in their wake. Prepare yourselves.

"It walks that great line of almost Marked Men/Denton guitar buzz with this very 90's melodic quasi emo influence... like if Jawbreaker never put the hardcore breakdowns in 'Chesterfield King'".
- Bobby Rodriguez, Dandy Boy Records, Oakland CA

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