PRE NUP "Oh Well" Cassette / CD

$5.49 - $9.99
PRE NUP "Oh Well" Cassette / CD

(DEBT #22) Pre Nup was the Calgary-based tweepoppunk project of Sara & Josiah Hughes plus Lab Coast members Chris Dadge and Darrell Hartsook. Perhaps you now know Josiah from the Blink 155 podcast and various related projects? Anyway, this was/is Pre Nup’s full length follow-up to their self titled 7" that we also released. Both are shamefully underappreciated and well worth your time. 100 copies pressed on "hard pink" tapes.

**Copies of the CD version from Jigsaw Records are also on sale here.

Be sure to check out the Stereogum premier of "Internet Arguments" here!

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